New Dufour range available now!

Spring 2024 will see the arrival of a new range of monohulls in our Sunsail fleet. The first Dufour yachts are being delivered at the time of writing and will be completed by this summer. In total, 25 new monohulls will be delivered to our Sunsail bases in the Mediterranean over the next 3 months. 


This new partnership with Dufour Yachts is not just a change of partner shipyard. It's also a new philosophy, or rather a rediscovered philosophy. Just over a year ago, we started to think about what the future of the sailing monohull might look like. We've seen a number of innovations in the catamaran world over the last few years, but certain aspects (such as the handling of the tender and the outboard engine) had remained static for years in the monohull segment. We wanted to design the monohull of the future, and that's what we've done.


In partnership with Dufour's technical department, we have made substantial modifications to the boats we have ordered, to make your Sunsail voyages even more unforgettable. Even though we don't own a shipyard, but we have nearly 100,000 customers on board our boats every year. We wanted to share this all of our experiences, that we've been cultivating since 1974, with our new partner shipyard. From onboard comfort and performance to maintenance and product lifecycle, we reviewed all the technical specifications with the shipyard to ensure that ‘our’ Dufour monohulls meet your requirements.




We have concentrated our efforts on 4 models:

•    the Dufour 37 becomes the Sunsail 37.3 (3 cabins)
•    the Dufour 41 becomes the Sunsail 41.3 (3 cabins)
•    the Dufour 44 becomes the Sunsail 44.3 and Sunsail 44.4 (3 and 4 cabins)
•    the Dufour 530 becomes the Sunsail 53.5 (5 cabins)

They have each benefited from ‘Sunsail’ modifications. Some are highly visible, such as the Yanmar engine (exclusive to Sunsail), while others are more discreet, such as the quality of our reinforced rigging. If you look closely, you may see an extra step on the transom to make it easier to move around, or even an extra tap in the galley (our water purifier).  You get the idea, your Sunsail boat is not like the others. As usual when it comes to equipment, we haven't hesitated to choose numerous options to improve comfort on board: solar panels, generator, air conditioning and a watermaker are now part of our quality standard. 

If these few lines have woken your appetite for more, we invite you to take a look at our Yacht Ownership offers so that you can enjoy up to 12 weeks' sailing a year on your Dufour or equivalent boat anywhere in the world for 5 years. Choose a model below to obtain an exemplary financial simulation on our latest models.




The Sunsail Team

Our Team includes passionate sailors with many years of experience in the Yachting Industy.