Lefkas; your gateway to the Ionian Islands.

Corfou, Ithika, Naxos…. names which conjure up images of idyllic cruises that Sunsail can organise for you in a beautiful sailing area around our base in Lefkas in the Ionian Islands on the West coast of Greece.

but, why choose lefkas in particular? 

Well, apart from all the beautiful islands you can visit, the clement wind and weather conditions (the Meltem is a long way away!) make this area popular with those with relatively little experience in windy conditions and/or wishing to make the most of their limited time on board actually sailing, bathing and snorkelling rather than being stuck in a port waiting for Aeolus, the Greek God of the Winds, to calm down!

Our base manager in Lefkas, the charming Claire Shields, will be delighted to greet you and ensure your arrival is as seamless as possible. The other good news is that there is an international airport on the island at Preveza and the base is just a short taxi ride away from Preveza airport.

The facilities provided in Lefkas are top rate too: safe and comfortable docking, a mini-market for provisions, water, electricity, telephone and refuelling services, well-maintained washing and showering spaces and even a book swap area.




the perfect sailing route

Once you’ve taken possession of your boat, there are a host of places to sail to. Here is just one example for a one-week cruise of just over 100 nautical miles:

Day 1: Lefkada – sailing route Lefkas-Preveza:  +/- 10nm
Day 2: Meganisi – sailing route Preveza-Parga: +/- 29nm
Day 3: Poros – sailing route Parga-Sivota Mourtos: +/- 15nm
Day 4: Ithaca – sailing route Sivota Mourtos-Lakka, Paxos: +/- 12nm
Day 5: Fiscando – sailing route Lakka, Paxos-Giaos, Paxos: +/- 4nm
Day 6: Kefalonia – sailing route Giaos, Paxos -Lefkas: +/- 36nm

Check that out on Google Earth (not bad hey?).


how about otp in lefkas? 

Since we are discussing sailing in Greece, we’d like to mention a special programme we can offer there.

In one or two countries Sunsail have a specific programme for would-be buyers called OPTION TO PURCHASE (OTP) and may be of interest to you.

It is particularly attractive as, although it does not generate any regular income from monthly rentals (as our other programme does), it can allow you to become a boat owner for only 65% of the initial price! At the outset, it requires only a very low initial down payment amounting to just 45% of the buying price. Then, after the regular 6 seasons period of cruising in our bases around the world, customers have the choice of either:

  • making a final 20% payment (+vat, if applicable) and becoming full owners of their boat, or
  • opting out and receiving a no-nonsense, guaranteed refund amounting to 20% of the initial price!

Either way, it is a win-win deal, isn’t it?

If you’d like some more detailed information about the Option to Purchase programme click here or contact us on +44 (0)23 9222 2225.


our most popular boat? the sunsail 38.

The Sunsail 38 is the most popular monohull at our Lefkas base. This is certainly because it is very pleasant to cruise on as it is relatively spacious, uncluttered, bright and airy and, unlike most models of this size, comes equipped with twin helms. In addition, its specially designed chined hull ensures excellent performances, particularly upwind. If you’re interested in buying a Sunsail 38 in charter management with Sunsail, you can download our latest special offer here.

If you’re looking to charter this boat from one of our Worldwide bases, click here.

In case you’re interested in buying a second hand 38 foot monohull, discover your options here.



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Olivia Omoyi

Yacht Sales Marketing - UK