The Lagoon makes a comeback with Sunsail

To meet our clients expectations, Sunsail Yacht Ownership is committed to providing options; not only through our programmes but also our fleet. Acknowledging how new trends, design innovations and yachting experiences evolve, we endeavour to curate the perfect fleet each season. Joining our extensive collection of sail and motor powered, Leopard catamarans, is Lagoon, the world’s best-selling catamaran brand on a mission to create freedom.

The Lagoon comeback marks a new era in cruising catamarans. Our decision to reintegrate the Lagoon back into the Sunsail Ownership fleet was based on three things:

  1. Our longstanding relationship with Groupe Beneteau and as their largest international customer, allows us to offer a premium finish Lagoon at an unbeatable price.
  2. The harmonious fit with our existing fleet, destinations and programmes.
  3. The brand’s philosophy to deliver life, luxury, quality and performance.

The Lagoons may be produced in a series, but they continue to break boundaries. The foundations of its design remain to be the ultimate, smooth sailing catamaran with comfort, style and accessibility. Aesthetically elegant and comfortable, the lightweight interior and clever design maximises space and prioritises practicality. Under the surface, the diamond-shaped vertical bows, beveled hulls, elevated deckhouse and tall rig allows for a bigger mainsail which enhances stability and control whilst the self-tacking jib is fuss-free. The sail-drive transmissions installed behind the rudder optimises the propellers efficiency and simplify handling under power.

Whether voyaging as a couple, group of friends or with the family, you can take the helm with confidence and set your course in style. The beauty of all of our yachts, is that they enable you to discover secluded spots otherwise inaccessible by land. The simplicity of the Lagoon means that these kind of experiences are not only for the very experienced, but for all.

Now in transit, the first pre-ordered Lagoon fleet is heading to the BVI’s, St Martin, St Lucia, Belize and the Bahamas ready for you to set sail in December. The Mediterranean fleet will arrive in Athens, Corfu, Lefkas, Palma de Mallorca and Dubrovnik in time to greet the European sunshine in June 2020.




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