My Sailing Career - from Skipper to Yacht Ownership

Dec 12, 2018

Setting Sail 

I guess that I have always loved sailing, at least I don’t remember a time when I didn’t. This is probably because I grew up with sailors. As an infant, I would be taken out in the picturesque Chichester Harbour aboard my parents...

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Owner Flotilla 2018!

Oct 09, 2018

Each year, we are preparing a special event for our owners to enable them to meet and share a nice and unforgettable experience : the Owners Flotilla!  This is a unique moment to enjoy sailing and exchange with other owners within our yacht...

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Who would have thought that a Sunsail holiday could change the path of your entire future?

Aug 02, 2018

I do, that’s who! My name is Nancy and I work in the Yacht Ownership team in the UK office for Sunsail and The Moorings. How I got to this point in life as a yacht master, water sports enthusiast and international globe trotter is all down to...

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The secret to great charter yacht maintenance

Jul 19, 2018

If you are exploring your charter yacht ownership options, then without a doubt you will have heard the term "professional maintenance" thrown around a few times by now. I will assume therefore, that you have also asked yourself, "What does this...

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